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Two promissory notes, both signed in Albany and made out from Aug. Bostwick to Charles Phelps, witnessed by Sam Thompson and Solomon Phelps. The first, signed on February 25th, 1766 is for five Pounds ten Shillings New York Currency in beaver hats,…

This promissory note from September 1798 certifies that Charles Phelps paid a three dollar tax on his chaise, a two wheel carriage pulled by one horse. Abel Whitney, the Collector of Revenue, is stating that Charles Phelps’ duty was to be paid off by…

This document from 1766 originates from Albany and represents two promissory notes. Both notes, while distinct, have a shared commitment: the promise to pay Charles Phelps a sum of five pounds and ten shillings in New York Currency. This sum is…

Charles Phelps Jr. writes to William M’Kean promising to pay the sum of eight pounds, three shillings, and two pence by the end of May 1786. Phelps explains that he will pay off this debt as the descendant of his late father.
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