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In this letter, Charles Phelps is writing to his son Charles Phelps. Charles Sr. first lets his son know that he has received and plans to take care of the cattle that his son sent. Next Charles Sr. asks his son to bring a number of things including…

This document, dated Feb 15th, 1776 was sent from N. Marlborough, Massachusetts by Charles Phelps Sr. to his son Charles Phelps Jr. in Hadley, Massachusetts. Mr. Phelps proposes to his son that his son send to him an enslaved man, Cesar, for the…

Charles Phelps Jr. writes to William M’Kean promising to pay the sum of eight pounds, three shillings, and two pence by the end of May 1786. Phelps explains that he will pay off this debt as the descendant of his late father.

In his September 26, 1789 letter, Charles Phelps Jr. writes to his son, (Moses) Charles Porter Phelps, beginning with an update on the family's wellbeing. He imparts advice on communication and personal growth. Charles mentions Mr. Withers' generous…
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