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1775.05.10 — Charles Phelps Sr. to Charles Phelps Jr., May 10, 1775

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1775.05.10 — Charles Phelps Sr. to Charles Phelps Jr., May 10, 1775


In this letter, Charles Phelps is writing to his son Charles Phelps. Charles Sr. first lets his son know that he has received and plans to take care of the cattle that his son sent. Next Charles Sr. asks his son to bring a number of things including salt, which he has run out of. He also asks his son to bring him two books, “Cato’s Letters and Josephous’ Antiquity. He goes on to address the death of someone in his son’s family and reminds his son that the difficulties he is facing are a part of God’s plan and he must keep moving forward. Charles hopes his son’s condition will improve and asks him to share any news that he receives. Finally he says that he hopes God is merciful to him and his family and gives his regards to all of his family members.


Charles Phelps Sr.


Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers (Box 2, Folder 2)
University of Massachusetts Special Collections and University Archives







N: Marlboro May the 10th 1775

Son Charles –
We have safely received the cattle which you sent for Mr. Gilbert – your brother thinks they will give him much trouble – but we shall take care of them in the best manner we can —

Salt is aceedingly dear and scarce here – i hope you will provide seasonably enough for us and yourself – I would have you not fail to bring up with you Cato’s Letters and Josephous’ Antiquity - I want them much — In your letter you inform us of some peculiar difficulties you have had in your family last winter yrs of late in the death of poor [Mith’s?] which I [des’d] you all to improve to the furtherance the lord designed.

Afflictions rightly improved, are Mercy’s and we should esteem you as such— if you can share some late News Letter which contain Letters brought over by Agent Quincy youl much oblige us — in we are not favored with any late papers —

Our Affairs bear a dark aspect but i hope God will be merciful to us— which we are not to expect without a Reformation of manners among us. My kind respects to sister Porter my Daughter, etc. I am your kind father
C Phelps