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1825.06.24 - Elizabeth Huntington to John Huntington, Jun. 24th, 1825

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1825.06.24 - Elizabeth Huntington to John Huntington, Jun. 24th, 1825


In this letter from Elizabeth Huntington to John Huntington on the 24th of July, 1825, Elizabeth writes about a recent trip she and other unnamed family members (presumably including husband Dan Huntington) recently arrived home from. She first writes about her trip to several towns on the journey to visit daughter Elizabeth who had recently given birth to a daughter, named after Elizabeth Huntington. In Little Falls the family horse, named Backland, fractured his shoulder and was unable to travel. As a result, he had to be exchanged for another horse, and in her letter Elizabeth expresses her grief in the loss of such a faithful and long-serving companion of the family. Afterwards, Elizabeth traveled with the new horse and crossed into a county on Mohawk lands, which she describes as being a magnificent town full of faith and where she ran into friends from Litchfield. After being delayed by the weather, they still managed to arrive at Elizabeth’s home early enough to surprise her and spent the week before returning home. In the second paragraph Elizabeth writes hastily because Dan Huntington wants to bring the letter to the post office and Elizabeth talks about missing both John and William and assumes that the two of them talk about the letters they receive from her. After talking about an Eben, Elizabeth asks John to write her back and go to visit his sister Elizabeth and offers to send him a coat. She concludes by urging John to maintain a close relationship with God and alerts him that she aims to do the same.


Elizabeth Whiting Phelps Huntington


Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers (Box 12 Folder 11)
Amherst College Archives and Special Collections




Courtesy of the Porter-Phelps-Huntington Foundation
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