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1844.03.14 - Elizabeth Huntington to Frederic Dan Huntington, March 14th, 1844


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My dear Frederic,

Your letter by Mr. Lyman came safely, it was handed to me by Mrs. Fisher, Sabbath morning after it was written. The Hampshire gazette you mention was sent by your father by mistake instead of a Boston paper which you sent him, and he supposed you meant to send to William. This is the mystery.

Yesterday was rainy all day- and today the ice in the river has moved in some places- over head it is most pleasant. The clear sun and the blue sky, are peculiarly beautiful after such a fog and rain.

Theodore has been to Northampton today with a waggon but the travelling is not the best. Helen has not yet gone to Deerfield. Theophilus has proposed to take her up tomorrow in a sleigh, if he does not she will go by stage.

Our dear Helen Sophia remains among the living yet, her cough has subsided in a measure, and her night sweats are less profuse- but she is much weaker than when you were here- and her flesh seems to be all gone. Thanks to our Heavenly Father, he still gives her peace and hope. And a heart full of gratitude to him for all his goodness - she asked me to thank you for the barley you so kindly sent her – Charles has had a bad swelling on the back of his wrist, which Doct. Thompson calls a carbuncle - it gave him great pain for several days and nights, but is now getting better.

Last Sabbath Theodore Helen and myself attended worship at Northampton - Mr. Ellis preached in the morning a most powerful sermon from these words in the first chapter of Malachi. If I then be a father where is mine honour?

After your letter to Hannah came which was sent back to you at Boston, we had some misgivings, fearing that for want of being invited to return here, you had gone home sooner than you intended, and Hannah’s surprise at your arrival, confirmed the unpleasant suspicion - it was certainly a great disappointment to us, that your visit was so short, but I endeavoured to suppress the rebellious feeling, and submit to the almost painful ordination of divine providence, which says that a man shall “leave father and mother and cleave to his wife.” It certainly has cost me something to give up my youngest - he who has always been so kind, attentive, and attached apparently - but it is well - I have had my share and more than I have deserved of respect and affection and attention from my children: may God reward them one hundred fold for it all. - But more than all do I desire that he will give you of his spirit in such abundance that your labour in his service may be approved and prospered among your people. That they may have good reason to believe that you are not seeking worldly profit, but that you are praying and striving that they may be enriched with heavenly treasure.

The last magazine came last Saturday, we are pleased and I hope instructed by the good things contained in this work. The Lord make it a messenger of mercy wherever it goes - your tract too we read with a great deal of pleasure - one of the charity sermons you gave Theophilis he sent to Elisa’s mother. I saw a letter which they had from her lately- in speaking of it she says it is a sermon “of rare excellence.”

Under the many commendations which you receive, I hope you will follow in a measure our Saviour’s example. When he had been much followed and extolled for his mighty work, his custom was to spend the night in prayer. And is not closer and constant communication with Infinite Purity, a powerful antidote against Spiritual Pride- what a warning we have in the account of Nebuchadnezzar’s arrogance and fall. I fear there are some now who indulge the same feeling which he proposed in these words “Is not this great Babylon in which I have built.’’ How careful should we be to give God the glory in our heart as well as by our words.

Through the goodness of God health prevails among us - some of our teeth (not mine) have a twinge now and then, but nothing very distracting - we have musick in our dwelling- Theodore has taken an organ, which they have been using at North Hadley and which belongs to Mr. Davis of Greenfield, upon trial, if he takes it and can agree as to terms he would like to buy it.

But I must cease writing- thank you for all your kind attention, Hannah likewise- we all think of you much and speak of you often. To the care and keeping of Allmighty father and mercy I commit you both daily and nightly may he be our guide soon unto death- Pray for us. As ever your most loving mother-


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