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1789.08.28 — Charles Phelps to Moses Charles Porter Phelps, August 28, 1789

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1789.08.28 — Charles Phelps to Moses Charles Porter Phelps, August 28, 1789


A letter from Charles Phelps to his son Moses Phelps, which begins with Charles gently chastising Moses for failing to write and leaving the family to learn he had arrived at school safely from Mr. Houses who brought Moses a horse. The letter then details how and when Moses will receive the items he requested from the family. Next Charles briefly touches on how Moses should handle school finances and related administrative matters, before launching into advice and expectations for Moses’s four years at college. After warning Moses of potential pitfalls and reminding Moses of his standards, Charles closes the letter warmly. Under the signature, Charles adds a post script, informing Moses of the recent sudden death of Aaron Gorgrich, and the uncertainty around his cause of death.


Charles Phelps


Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers (Box 4, Folder 5)
University of Massachusetts Special Collections and University Archives




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Hadley 28th August 1789 -
My son,

By Mr. Howse who brought the horse, we heard you got down safe, I expected you would have wrote - but must suppose you had not time.

Your things you sent back for, We send by Mr. Wright - I expected to have had a pair of shoes for you, but [Peck?] will not have them finished seasonably - and shall send them by Eleazer Porter some time next week -

I expect you will write respecting Robbins money, the steward’ Bill - and other Matters by Mr. Wright – I hope you mind your studies and improve your time profitably - your four years at College (if you should live) will soon be gone - and to go thro college and not touch as we commonly sayof poor Scholars - will be very disagreeable to me - however it may to you - I therefore warn you in season - Remember to avoid all bad company - and especially card playing – and let your behavior be equal to your advantages - remember likewise to be serious, as your life is uncertain, be diligent to make your calling and education sure -

I am your very affectionate father
Charles Phelps

PS Aaron Gorgrich dyed on Tuesday night very suddenly some supposed by the bite of a dog - others, of a putrid malignant pleurisy —