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1807.01.12 — Indenture document for Henry Fraser, January 12, 1807

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1807.01.12 — Indenture document for Henry Fraser, January 12, 1807


Henry Frasier is signing off his son Robert Frasier to work as a servant to Charles Phelps Junior. Henry hopes Robert will be mentored and taught how to run a successful farmstead while also being compensated for the agreed amount of $100 and two suits at the end of his 7 and a half year servitude. Henry promises Charles that his son will behave in a respectful manner as apprentices are expected to be. Charles also promises to keep Robert fed, housed, and healthy during the duration of Robert’s apprenticeship.


Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers (Box 4, Folder 32)
University of Massachusetts Special Collections and University Archives




Public domain


Indenture document



This indenture witnesseth, that I Henry Frasier of Hatfield in the County of Hampshire and Commonwealth of Massachusetts do of my own free will and accord put And bind my son Robert Frasier being thirteen years old the thirty fourth Day of August last past, an apprentice to Charles Phelps Junior of Hadley in the county aforementioned. To learn and be instructed in the art or mystery of Husbandry by himself or his Heirs or assigns or either of them after the manner of an apprentice save from the date hereof for and during the term of seven years seven months and thirty days, during all which time the said apprentice his said Master faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful command obey, he shall do no damage to his master nor see it done by others, with out letting or giving notice them of to his said master he shall not waste his masters goods, nor lend them unlawfully to any. He shall not absent himself by day or by night from his master or his service with out his leave. But shall behave himself as a faithful apprentice might to do towards his master during the aforesaid term.
And the said Charles for himself his heirs and assigns doth have my promise to teach and instruct, or cause to be taught and in himself in the art or calling of husbandry. Finding unto the said apprentice reasonable meat, drink, washing and lodging, and physic and nursing in case of sickness during the term aforementioned and of the end of said term furnish the said apprentice with two decent suits of apparel proper for his station in life and pay him one hundred dollars if said apprentice shall prove as honest and faithful and as healthy as apprentices generally are.
In testimony whereof the parties have here onto set their hands and seals this Twelfth Day of January in the year of Our Lord eighteen hundred and seven.
Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of.

John Morison, Henry -his mark- Frasier
Robert -his mark- Fraiser, Charles Phelps

Robert Frasier
Indenture 1807