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In a response to Frederic’s previous letter, Elizabeth begins by assuring him that she had received his letter, and that there had been confusion with the gift he sent to his father. She explains that Helen has grown sicker but is still alive, which…

Describes the family's activities over the course of several days, including Elizabeth's reading on the sabbath, the family's craft activities, the harvest, and visits to family members. Throughout the letter, Elizabeth also dwells on themes of…

Frederic hasn’t written to his mother in a while and Elizabeth is just updating him on the happenings of what she has heard from her other children and neighbors such as, little George’s health has improved since the last update.

In this letter between Elizabeth Huntington and Frederic Dan Huntington, Elizabeth begins by apologizing to Frederic for the tardiness of her letter. Elizabeth states that she forgot to give the letter to Theodore, and was forced to wait for…
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