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Frederic hasn’t written to his mother in a while and Elizabeth is just updating him on the happenings of what she has heard from her other children and neighbors such as, little George’s health has improved since the last update.

Elizabeth writes to her son Frederic following a visit from his family. She discusses the health of Frederic’s family and the daily lives and events of their own lives. Elizabeth also discusses William’s health and his travels.

The first part of the transcription is Elizabeth copying a letter from William she received earlier that day. William writes to his mother to let her know that he has rented out his farm for the harvest season and will be setting out on a trip early…

Elizabeth is writing this letter to her youngest child, Frederic. She begins by saying how it has been so long since she has received a letter from him and hopes everything is still well. She goes on to wish “little George” a quick recovery as well…

Elizabeth is writing to her son Frederic about things that happen and the things that she does in her daily life. She discusses his baby and her hope to see her grandson, who is possibly equal to the size of her son Theophilus. She updates him on…
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