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Excel Tutorials

Much of the World's data can be organized into tables of information, both textual and numerical, providing a convenient structure for understanding it. Microsoft Excel provides an easy way to organize and manipulate such tables. In addition, it provides tools for analyzing data, generating new information from it, and displaying it with various types of graphs.

There are many, many more capabilities built-in to Excel than are described in these documents.

If you know what else you want to do, you may find it by searching through the Excel help system.

If you just want to get more ideas for how to use Excel, there are many good tutorial books available in the libraries and from bookstores.

The Basics of Using Excel

This tutorial covers the fundamentals of using Excel: selecting data, formatting it, editing it, and calculating with it.

Analyzing Data with Excel

This tutorial looks at some common data analysis applications of Excel. It covers Importing Text Data, Linear Data Fitting, and Solutions of Equations.

Grading with Blackboard and Excel

This tutorial demonstrates various ways that Excel can be used to handle grading, in particular as an adjunct to the online Blackboard CourseInfo system. Although specific to this one topic, it provides a good example of an Excel application.

Graphing with Excel

This tutorial explains the fundamentals of using Excel to graph data. It uses data produced by the "Grading with Blackboard and Excel" tutorial, but can be used independently.

Collecting Data with Excel

This tutorial provides examples of how Excel can be used to create data collection templates that might be used in a classroom laboratory.

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