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1846.11.10 - Elizabeth Huntington to Frederic Dan Huntington, Nov. 10th, 1846


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Elm Valley Nov. 10th 1846

My dear Frederic,

It is long since I have held intercourse with you by writing. So long that perhaps I ought to introduce myself to you as one who has brot[sic] back from the burden of the grave. To sojourn a little longer in this mortal life. Only a very little longer it is certain, be this the earnest prayer and steadfast purpose of my heart to live to [indecipherable] good for June; may he who has to wonderfully preserved and relieved me, point out to me the path of duty and help to walk in it with an unfaltering step.

This is the day of your ministerial gathering. Hannah is of course careful and troubled about many things. It must be so [Indecipherable] after all, that the duties which [indecipherable] whom there who come together to consult for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom outweigh her; as far as eternity is more important than time.

When you write just give me a sketch of your surroundings that I may rejoice in your effort and [be?] you godspeed.

Saturday evening. The magazine came ten days ago - a good number full of good things. I like very much the pieces written by Diline Brown [Lawfors?]. The serman ended, the sums to here a mind stor’d with excellent tho’t and has however to [express] them. Mary Willard - Flowers in the sanctuary are beautiful and fragrant. It would be very agreeable to know the author of some other pieces. Two weeks ago last Thursday Theodore and his wife left us to visit William - say’d the first night at Deerfield the second with Mr. Sabin at Templeton. Return’d the next week Wednesday and brot[sic] with them Maria Dword who had been spending a few weeks at Ashby. I have been sitting very still at different times within the last two or three week to be scrutinised very critically by Elizas gud[sic] kins - he has almost finished a drawing which resembles a human face and gives evidence of a good degree of taste and skill in the art, but whether it resembles the original is a serious question - indeed the is oblig’d to refer so much to memory in the matter that it could hardly be expected there will be a very exact resemblance. Your father more like him, but his [indecipherable]. I have done wrong to say anything on the subject as they are neither of them finish’d. Perhaps I cannot give you a more correct idea of my present condition then by describing to you my present condition thro’ one day and I am more you will help me to praise and exalt that mercy which has been so marvellously display’d in my behalf. I am able to rise and be at the breakfast table a little after seven with your father and sister. After this employ myself about some light work which I can do while sitting as I have not yet recover’d the power of walking with cane. Before dinner I rest myself perhaps an hour on the sofa. In the Afternoon, go thro’ with much [tho?] [convey?] exercise with perhaps resting rather more in a reclining nature as I generally am troubled with more pain in the afternoon. I consider it a great privilege that I can take my food at the table and after tea is commonly my most comfortable time. We usually have our family worship between eight and nine and as we have revival the old practice of singing a hymn. These [seasons?] are very [precious]. After this our dear faithful Bethia performs her duty [upon?] this [emaciated?] home and I retire to comfortable rest thro’ the night, which, under the watchful age of our Allmighty[sic] Preserver, I generally am permitted to enjoy. On the whole, I think my complaints are yielding. Tho' so gradually that the change is almost [indecipherable]. Doct. Thompson told me last week, that he thout[sic] I might have [quite?] a comfortable winter. One prayer I should offer above any other that I may be forgiven, made holy, a child of god and submission to his will in life or death.

Two or three weeks ago, we invited Mr. Ellis to preach an evening lecture, he brout[sic] over Mr. Christopher Clarke and they drank tha[sic] with us which offered us a very pleasant [interview?]. In the evening we had no assembly but our neighbour and [indecipherable] meeting was in our little back parlour. Mr. Ellis’ subject was the inefficiency of christians. “The good that I would, I do not.” You say nothing of Hannah's’ sick suitor, I hope she is better, with kind remembrance from us all to dear Hannah and dear George and all our good friend assured I am still your most loving and affectionate mother Elizabeth.

Side of page three Eliza has began to take likeness of her mother Charlotte and Susan - and Theophilus - an Mr. Ellis would like to have her take his wife. Bethia received a letter from Mr. Fisher a week or two since informing us of her safe arrival at home and of the improved state of health and [indecipherable]

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