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1844.09.05 - Elizabeth Huntington to Frederic Dan Huntington, September 5th, 1844


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September 5th, 1844 My Dear , Frederick You say at the _________ of your ____very satisfactory letter, _________ 15th, “forgive my egotisms[?] ” if you had been writing to a stranger you might have _________ Dan _________ _________; but when you write to your mother, be _________ that everything which is interesting to you and Hannah and dear ____ George will be so to me. Thank you for giving us so much information. What you say of this baby makes me long to see him more than ever. If he is tremendous in size - I think he will largely equal my Theophilus at three months and he weighed twenty pounds. You will be overjoyed _________ to learn that I am _________ the dignity of housekeeper at Elm Valley. It is almost two week since Theodore wife eloped with Theophilus. He was so ungallant as to come home and leave Ian, bringing another lady and her husband left us yesterday to bring her back. We expect them tomorrow. Last week Tuesday I went to Northampton and I had hardly got there before Ms. __ Williams and Helen came. here I returned. ___ the next day and on Friday Helen went to Babotville. A year ago our dear Edward was fading fast. The season brings with it many _________ of _________ how frequently do the death days occur. One in July 28th, one in august 15th, one on the 14th of October and one on the 20th. Thou _________ the assurance that the dead who die in the land are _________. Francis has been at home a week or more and offered to take a letter for you and leave it with Arthur, But as I had no time to write by him, I shall try to send by Amelia who is going on Saturday. We had a letter from Mrs. Fisher last week, written soon after Mr. Fisher and he twins went to Cambridge. We have not yet been informed of this having been admitted. if they have, I presume they will rejoice at your return to Boston; for they are wholly among strangers. You can hardly imagine how much we miss our good friends at Northampton, a changing world we inhabit now. How will it be in the world to come? Your sister writes them, “you can easily imagine our _________ in being _________ around our table and the abundant causes we have for gratitude that health is the portion of our _________. But when in addition to this greatest of all earthly blessings, other mercies without ___ through our pathway, what heart but must exclaim, what shall I render for all then benefits. Our ______ hero is certainly delightful in doom and out, there is all that a reasonable being can ark or desire. _____ ____ with is not gratified, our religious comforts as far as they depend upon ____ _____are ____ . When you write, let us hear from Frederic , as I fear we shall not often hear directly from him. I rather think they have as much as they can do to manage that turbulent boy. (page 3) Your brother ______ gave up his journey to Saratoga partly because the friends we expected to go with him un____ not to go. Since the death of little Harriette the children have been remarkably healthy. Since I began writing Robert ___ called with his wife, as they were returning from Mount Warner . Maurice ______ has become very much reduced by inflammation in the stomach, her friends are fearful that she will not recover. George Ellis called on us last Monday with Judge Lyman and his wife and daughter. So your ____ we are not entirely forgotten by the great and good. We have other sources of enjoyment too besides what we derive from _________ _____ with those whom we respect. I have borrowed of _____ ______ after the Christian life, and think the sermon I have had, full of useful and good thoughts expressed in beautiful language. Great principles and ______ duties is excellent and _____. I suppose you are aware that we look eagerly for the magazine, as the time for it arrives- especially since we may expect something from Hannah - _____ should not remain ______. Glimpses from a city window are very entertaining- work into them as much of religious instruction as you can. Some very short _____ in the last member were strikingly serious- I read the ______ you sent to Frank , and approve of them highly- I think them excellent for distribution. I think you will return to your _____ with _____ Andover in the great work you have undertaken. May you be strong in the grace which is in Christ Jesus . May the blessing of the ____ ____abide with you and yours always. I _____ you had a few lines by Mr. Ellis.

Truly your affectionate mother Elizabeth.

Since Mr. ______'s home and carriage have been taken to _____ we cannot expect to ____ _______ and _______ or the exhibition _____ very often. I was interrupted half an hour ago in my writing by a call from Mr. Ellis, Mrs. Ellis, and others. This I think will finish the calls for today, for it is near sun down. I have been hoping you will bring your family to town before you go back to Boston. Mr. ______ begged me to write and persuade you to come and preach at North. ______ -it is not well to be very unfortunate but I must say I want to see you all more ______ ___ little George .

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