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1787.12.11 — Charles Phelps Jr. to Moses Charles Porter Phelps, December 11, 1787

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1787.12.11 — Charles Phelps Jr. to Moses Charles Porter Phelps, December 11, 1787


Father Charles Phelps sends a letter to his son Moses Charles Porter Phelps at his college in Cambridge (Harvard University). He explains that the family has not heard from their son in some time, and offers him an opportunity to send a letter back via Colonel Lyman, who might have been his primary and secondary school teacher and who will be in the area in coming days.

Charles then goes on to offer Moses advice concerning how he should carry himself as a young scholar as he enters the academic world. He recommends that his son associate himself with virtuous people, behave himself, and be sure to keep reading his Bible.

Finally, Charles explains that he will come visit his son in about a month, and informs him of recent town deaths, specifically of a young woman who died at 20 years old.


Charles Phelps Jr.


Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers (Box 4, Folder 5)
University of Massachusetts Special Collections and University Archives




Public domain





Hadley 11th—December 1787
My Son—

Having an opportunity of sending a letter by — Col-Lyman– would inform you we are all well, have heard nothing from you since Gen’l-Porter’s return Mr. Paul Wright sat out this morning for Bolton but as he was going in the Pedling way– did not suppose he would get down so soon as Col-Lyman but defined him to call on you. If you have any thing to send you may have opportunity by him perhaps Saturday or the beginning of the next week.

I would recommend to you, to be particular in learning to write, these long evenings, – Much time may be lost in foolish Company – If you intend to make a scholar, you must be a careful improver of time — you must consider you are arriving to a state of manhood, and are now establishing your Character as a scholar– be not trifoling and Vane in your behavior associate yourself with the Virtuous and Wise — and you will guard against any indecent or profane Language — and always, remember you have business to transact between God and your own soul, every Day read your Bible — and learn to be a sober virtuous youth —

I expect, (if it comes snow) to be at Cambridge the second or third day of January, if there is no — sleighing shall send you a horse — We have had no snow yet — there have been several Deaths in Town since you went down – particularly a Daughter of Dea Smith, perhaps, 20 years old was buried last Sunday —

I am your affectionate Father– Cha- Phelps [Charles Phelps Jr.]


My Father
Dec. 11. 1787

Moses Porter Phelps


Honored by Col- Lyman

From my father dated
Dec 11th 1787

C. Phelps Dec 11 1787