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1787.09.22 – Charles Phelps Jr. to (Moses) Charles Porter Phelps, Sept. 22 1787

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1787.09.22 – Charles Phelps Jr. to (Moses) Charles Porter Phelps, Sept. 22 1787


This letter was sent from Charles Phelps to his son, Moses Charles Porter Phelps on September 22cd, 1787. At the time, Moses was a student at the University of Cambridge, and his father lived in Hadley. Phelps begins the letter by letting his son know that a collection of his items and a sum of money will be delivered to him by Mr. Thaire of Amherst. Phelps also informs Moses that Deacon Smith will arrive with a horse that Moses can use to travel home for his upcoming visit from school. Moses is further instructed to send any further requests for items back with the bearer of the letter. In the second half, Phelps states that the family is doing well; he also advises his son on appropriate conduct and encourages him not to take precautions not to get sick.


Charles Phelps Jr.


Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers (Box 4, Folder 5)
University of Massachusetts Special Collections and University Archives




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My Son

We received your letters by Mr. Hodge - The deposition of your money I like well, had I known you would have wanted so many Books, should have left you more money- I wrote you before of sending some things by Mr. Chapin, but that opportunity has failed- have been very careful in seeking a chance to convey your things- and can find none better than a Teamster - Mr Thaire of Amherst who will deliver them to you- I send you a certification to the President- your Waistcoat, + Breaches and eight Dollar, in one of the Pockets- Shall send you a horse by Deacon Smith, that you may come home on the Sabbath, as the Deacon will attend the General Court - the 17th Day of October which will be the Time of your Vacation- If you want any things more, you will write for them, by the bearer-

We are all as well as common- would have you take care and not expose yourself to the cold by being out in the Evening Air without your surtout - Improve your time well, - habituate yourself to decent conversation, and behavior - [mind] and use no bad language - We all wish you well - while I subscribe myself your affectionate father
Charles Phelps

M. Porter Phelps

From my father dated September 22 1787
C. Phelps September 22 1787
My father September 22 1787
Moses Porter Phelps
Student Cambridge