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1832.06.21 - Mary D. Huntington to Bethia Huntington, June 21, 1832

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1832.06.21 - Mary D. Huntington to Bethia Huntington, June 21, 1832


This is a letter that Mary wrote to her sister Bethia likely while she was at Miss Emma Willard’s School in Troy, New York. She starts by stating that she is up to date with all her communication, except she has not written to William, because she does not feel like writing in French--she seems to be using her letters to him to practice her language skills. It seems she is just killing time and venting to her sister about how she does not feel well. Mary seems to think that she may even have some kind of “disorder” or condition that is making her feel this way. She tells Bethia that she really wants someone to come and visit her. She may be a homesick teenager away at school, but she seems adamant that someone must come see her. Her quote is a reference to the bible: Exodus 2:22. Overall the letter seems to be a sister venting to a sister, and Mary simply wants someone to be there for her while she is feeling ill physically or mentally. Something to note here though, is the fact that Mary died at the age of 24 in 1839, so it is possible that she in fact did have some kind of chronic medical condition.


Mary D. Huntington


Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers (Box 20, Folder 7)
Amherst College Archives and Special Collections


June 21, 1832


Public domain.