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1833.04.17 - Elizabeth Huntington to Mary Huntington Apr. 17th, 1833

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1833.04.17 - Elizabeth Huntington to Mary Huntington Apr. 17th, 1833


This initial section of the original document is a letter from Elizabeth to her daughter, Mary. The first paragraph talks about the happiness Mary’s letter brought to her parents during a time of ‘gloom’. Mary’s father Dan had been trying to write to Mary for some time, but had been busy with the upcoming renovations to the house. Elizabeth gives Mary an update on her siblings and urges Mary to continue on practicing the guitar. Elizabeth says that they are lucky because they are able to work and rest even with the great illness going around, and tells Mary that even though she may feel uncomfortable, she is lucky too. For they have the use of all their faculties and should be thankful for their ability to comfort one another with God’s words. Elizabeth finished the letter saying her daughter Elisabeth has been preaching and received a new light but she has not yet been able to share it with her mother. The next section is a letter from Dan to his daughter, Mary. He notes that Edward will join them in Troy and hopes that Mary can see them while they are in New York. He encloses five dollars for Mary’s prudent use. He goes on to tell Mary that Theophilus is feeling better. He has stopped taking pills and is able to eat and work without complaint. Dan tells Mary to do the same unless there is a change in the illness and then he will bring her home.


Elizabeth Whiting Phelps Huntington


Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers (Box 12 Folder 12)
Amherst College Archives and Special Collections




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