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1842.10.25 - Elizabeth Huntington to Frederic Dan Huntington, Oct. 25th, 1842


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October 25, 1842 Elm Valley Oct. 25th 1842.

My dear Frederic,

When I wrote to you last week, Mr. Holland[1] expected to have Northampton on Monday morning. We found on the sabbath, that he had deferred his journey 'till Wednesday, and I therefore send a supplement and chiefly on this account. When Lizzie cut the hair for Edward [Fin?] we were both in haste, and rather in a flurry. I have since [tho't] that it was not a fair specimen, and send you [another one] same which I should like to have put in as a [substitute]. As your time must have been much occupied since the ordination[2], I hope it is not yet set, and even it should be, I should rather give, myself, a quarter of a dollar, than not have it done. If you will see to it, I will settle it with you. We are quite patiently waiting, tho' with deep intent, to become acquainted with some of your [?]. Of was a little singular that your father should have been introduced to every one of them. Tell us if you can, something about them. I trust you will find some among them who truly love religion, and are willing and [de ... ous] to hold up the hand of their minister. Feeling as you dont [-ss?] do that you are not your own, but that you have first devoted yourself to the Lord and then to your people, you will not only preach publicly, but from house to house, and let your presence among them be a powerful remem-brance of heavenly truth, and holy love._ My heart is full of earnest desire for your usefulness, do not wonder if in my age and weakness, I repeat too often the [trouth] which press for utterance. After all, it is into the ear of heavenly mercy, and bound-less goodness, that we can alone pour out our hearts with hope and real comfort. Most truly and affectionately

Your mother Elizabeth _

[On the back]

Wednesday morning B?[3]. and I had planned a ride to N [sic][4] yesterday, but the rain prevented our going, and probably I shall fail of sending this by Mr. Holland. But if we think of going today, we may find an opportunity to send it - we shall think of you and Hannah[5] as engaged[6] at the ordination. Is it the custom to offer the hand tree times a Mr. [Bookings] did? We find by the paper that you are to give a [Lyceum] [lecture] in [Baton?] this season. Don't let them use you all up the first winter. Take care of your health first, better [in] early in the morning than sit up late at night. Your college[7] habits in this respect, I hope you will not relinquish. The human frame must be refreshed with sleep - [start] it in the early part of the night.

Reverend F.D. Huntington To be left at United States Hotel[8] Boston

1 N/A

2 According to Memoirs and Letters of Frederic Dan Huntington: First Bishop of Central New York, Frederic's ordinations service for pastor of the South Congregational Church and Society transpired on October 19, 1842

3 Bethia Troop Huntington

4 Northampton

5 Hannah Dane Sargent is the wife of Frederic Huntington. They lived on Beech Street in Boston.

6 Frederic and Hannah Huntington married on September 4, 1843.

7 Frederic graduated as valedictorian from Amherst College in 1839.

8 Noted from "The Life and Times of Actress EJ Phillips" (, The United States Hotel in Boston was built in 1824. At the time seen as an enormous structure, it was the stopping place for celebrities and men of significance. Located on Beach and Lincoln Streets, the United States Hotel was "one of the oldest of the established hotels of the city, and one of the best, enjoying an excellent reputation in every respect, according to King's Dictionary of Boston (1883).

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