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1844.07.15 - Elizabeth Huntington to Frederic Dan Huntington, July 15th, 1844


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From Valley July 15th 1844

My Dear Frederic [1],

                                                   Now solemn is the lip on which we have reviewed during the last few days! You and Hannah [2] , and your friends [3] here, have had our heart made glad because on man-child has been born to you-- and I have rejoiced in the hopes that from his birth he will be devoted to the Lord, like the son of Hannah of ancient days-- that by unceasing prayer, and in the use of all the divinely appointed means, he may be ___ and educated for God for Christ and for heaven. But in the midst of our joy and hope, we are taught, not by the voice of the inspiration alone, but by our own sad experience that like the flower of the field, the dearest and loveliest may wither and decay. There are certainly considerations to be derived from the gospel, which should hush all rejoicing and which in time may soothe the anguish of the stricken heart-- but thanks to our _____ Lord who has _____ us that it is not sinful to weep at the remembrance of the loved who have vanished-- we must shed tears, while we say in word of another-- "She died before her infant soul/ Had ever burnt with wrong devises;/ Had ever at ____ heaven's control,/ Or over quenched its sacred fires./ She died to sin, she died to care,/ But for a moment felt the rod;/ Then springing on the view ___ air,/ Spread her light wings and soared to God."    
       I trust you will remember in your prayers, your brother and sister and their ___ this little angel seemed to be sent to them to relieve their troubled hearts unpleasant care, that turned their thoughts from the anguish of bereavement and from the rooms made desolate by death. He who wounds can heal- in him alone is light and peace, to him therefore but our prayer arises for our silver and our friends. 
       You cannot think how much I want to see the little ___ one- giant one long look of half an hour would do for today- but then I should want to see him more tomorrow- 20 it is best not to see him at all. I have a good deal of ____ now as we are boarders and I am much alone, so I send my thought to Hillsborough and Boston and ____ and Northampton and then I lift them up to heaven and try to find my beloved sons and daughters and parents and grandchildren among the immemorable company of the redeemed. And there, sometimes, I hope before long to arrive myself, having my sins forgiven, and my robes made white in the blood of the Lamb.  
       Charlotte Phelps [4] is expecting to go tomorrow to Framingham with her father to stay with Caroline [5] a few weeks, his father will probably visit Boston before he returns and I shall commit this to his care. Mrs. Fisher's visit must have been a great treat for you and Hannah. We hope to have a little time with her before she goes to Chicago...[6]
       Since I have been writing at my window ______ has helped with little Walter [7]; he goes almost every where with his father; carries his little rake with him into the ____, and tries to handle it as his father does. he is really a fine little fellow tho' he does not yet learn to talk much. 
      I told Throphilm I was writing to you and asked him if he had any message- tell him not to ____ too often upon the education of children- just as present as Mr. ____ was his answer. Theodore is quite well now. He began to feel his old complaints coming on and took some medicine which seems to have done him a great deal of good - with Heaven's blessing. 
    These wives of theirs are not quite strong and healthy enough -- but stop. I should not say this. ___ is as it should be... Mr. ___ preached to us yesterday- your father and I went over alone- he calls ____ transcendental- his text in the morning-  If any man ____ let him come with me and drink, in the afternoon that we may present ever man perfect in in Blood ____. Mr. ____ has engaged to supply in sabbath at Deerfield which Mr.___ is gone to the offerings for his health- if he is not better on his return he will ___ a ____. Helen who was here with her mother a week or two ago- thinks he is going the same way and much with the same complaints that our dear Edward had. 
    Your father is very busy [8] among the silk worms - tho' that work is nearly done, as they are beginning to wind- he finds enough to do with a little batch of potatoes on the hill and the privilege of helping his sons to rake after the cart hoe in the garden ____ the. ____ ____- the vegetable _____ are growing well.  I recollect very little about Mr. Parsons not even the dancing- barely the name. 

Be assured dear Frederic I should love dearly to hear about your parish- and often think with affection and respect of our acquaintances among them... and Hannah of the true love and the warm love of your mother Elizabeth.

[1] Frederic Dan Huntington. [2] Who is Hannah? [3] Who are these friends? [4] Who is Charlotte Phelps? [5] Who is Caroline [6] Why is she going to Chicago? How is she getting there? What will she be doing there? [7] Who is little Walter? [8] What work is his father doing that is keeping him so busy?

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