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Sketch of the life of Ida Farr Nelson (1940).pdf
Memoir written by Ida Farr Nelson in 1940 when she was in her mid-80s . It was written at the request of her granddaughter Doris Nelson Newman and transcribed in 2017 by her great-grandson Brian Nelson Burford. The text includes information about Ida's own childhood in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as her teenage and adult life in Goshen, New Hampshire. She includes some recollections of her sons' childhoods, and more information about their lives as grown men.

Ida Farr Hillsboro Lyceum 1875.pdf
A year before her marriage to Hial Nelson, Ida Farr served as "Editress" for what purports to be the March 13, 1875 issue of the weekly newspaper of the Hillsboro Lyceum Association. Ida herself wrote an essay titled "Home" for the Journal which also contains a generally humorous and flirtatious collection of poems, announcements, and conundrums. The Hillsboro Lyceum and its publications may well have served as a model for the family lyceum that Ida would later convene in the Nelson parlor.
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