Nelson Family Juvenilia
Box 1 Folder 53
Wonders of the Forest - n.d.

[written on the flap of an envelope]
envelope addressed: Globe Bible Publishing Co.
705 Chestnut St,,
printed over: Mrs Lewis Norton

I and my two brothers started up in the woods we went into the woods we saw a squirrel and I slung a stick at it then in a minute there was a lot of squirrels around us we ran down to the house then the next day I and my oldest brother went up while I was climbing this hill I fell down and got my hand frisked there wasnt anything in our trap we went back so we took some and carried them down to our mother she saw they were Indians pipe then a few days after I and my two brothers went back through the woods we saw a tree that looked like a horse so we got up on it and played horse it had a limb for a tale and limbs branched down for his feet then we went on and saw some covers we carried them down to our house and our mother said it was a [wilo?] ladies slipper