Nelson Family Juvenilia
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The Popies Cruse

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The Cruise of the Popies
The Popies were two fine war shipse that cruised a long the coast of [Ceongea?] one day however as they were cruseing a long they saw a verry small cutter start out from Bronswick and stand wright toards us [a shore?] to Captain Birt he ordered all [page break] the canons loaded then we let fly her [cullares?] squared around put out her guns the little iron [olad?] came up and then there was a volley of bullets at us we returned it two boats were sent out to board us but one was hit by a canon bullet and it sank the others boarded us all our men rushed to the chains fine and striking a few got on and we captured them the others [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] tried to get on but they were cut down in the mean time the other [pople? as in people?] sircled around and was makeing dread full work on the cuttler the other peple was Captain Eathen Allens after a lot of fireing Eathen Allen convinced them that they had better give up it did and they were prisoners then we sailed on up to Darien where there was a strong [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] hold as they neared the fort Jimmy Allen shouted papa I have Bill [tring to loor?] over but I cant and so wount you help me so I can see the big bull fight pen tis not a bull fight pen my boy it is a fort now Jimmy said Captain Eathen Allen you must stay and take care of mother very and your sister Alice then about a little while [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] the[n] our Popie landed we jumped ashore and quick as a flash sprang strait for the font oh mama look the yo are haveing a fight we fired our men we lesning but madly on we plunged we got to the fort and broke in then what a fight but we were bound to beat and we did that there was a shout hurah for Eathen Allen and every bodies cap was [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] thrown in to the air then returning to the Popies we sailed off down the coast pretty soon a war ship came out to chalange us we fired first but it was a touch old thing our boat began to sink so we got in our row boats and rowed to Eathan Allens Popie and after a terriable battle the Popie beat the other vessle oh papa said Jimmy the old thing is sinking and shure [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] it was we captured the people our other Popie was damaged so that we sent it to New Hampshre to be repared but we had beat but we heard of some trouble at Savannah so we started for thare so far we was getting a long beautifully when we saw a ship way off on the horisson and Jimmy shouted sail ho for Jmmy was a sharp eyed little chap [page break] [full page illustration captioned "war with the war ship"] [page break] she sailed boldly up to us and fired a volly at us we squared round run out our guns and fired Jimmy went up in to the sails so to repair sails fo he was the captain of the main top we wated the order to fire again we shouted fire and we broght to bare on the man of war with eighteen guns two holes was punche in [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] the vessle and the prow nocked of and piles of holes through the sail Jimmy watched the battle with steady eye as he saw a bullet come whizzing over his head and strik the sale bost knocking of a bout three yards of it but this was the only damage except holes in the sale after a long [whole?] [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] Jimmy was not a fraid for he could hear his farther shout fire and the sailors ansir in a chear full tone all at once the smoke cleared away and Eathan Allen said she is sinking boys and Jimmy saw the old war ship roling and pitching in the trough of the sea some of the folks were hollaring and [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] jumping out into the sea to swim a little way and sink all this time Alice had bin down in the cabin with her brother larfing [laughing] about how the other ship was battered up now Alice came up and said oh Jimmy have they beat. Yess said Jimmy I knew they would said Alice and did you stay up on the cross trees all the time [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] Jimmy oh yes I guess I did the next minute Jimmy grabbed up a flag and went waveing it on deck we got a letter from our other pople to come to New Hampshire for two steamers called the monitors was gowing to take our place so we started home and Jimmy was so happy of the thought of gowing home that he jumped [page break] [full page illustration] [page break] and hopped up and down
The End
[illustration captioned "Jimmy. A. Allen"]
This was photographed by Jimmys photographing outfit and panted by his uncle William. J. Little.