Nelson Family Juvenilia
Box 1 Folder 10
Complete Geography of the World - n.d.


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The world was all moste all a wilderness but renoun explorers have made this world a good and nice place thare are two hemisphears the eastern and the western the western is the moste populated
What is geography
Geography is a description of the earth its inhabitants and cities
2. What is geography for? To tell the people of the land and surfaces

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[illustration of map depicts Black Ocean, Black Archipeligo, Long Mts, Big Continent, Coast Range Mts, Bay Pt, Bog Pt, Fisherman Cape, Island Ocean, White Archipeligo, Long Continent, Artic Sea]

Map questions on the western hemisphere
What continent ocupies the western hemi[sphere]
What two points on this continent
What continent east of Big Continent

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[illustration of map depicts Coast Range, Island Ocean, Long Continent, Round Continent, Black Ocean, Artic Sea]

Map of the eastern hemisphere
What two continents matke this hemisphere. What continent west. What ocean west. East. What sea north.

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[illustration captioned "A water spout"]

How many oceans are thare. Three name them. Artic Ocean Island Ocean and Black Ocean. Which is the largest. Black Ocean. How many continents are thare. Three. Name them. Big Continent. Long Continent. Round Continent. Which is the largest. Big Continent.

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These three continents make this world Big Continent is the largest thare are not many sand spouts and they are in the deserts

[tiny illustration captioned "Sand spout"]

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What is a republic? A republic is a place governed by a president

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On Bay Point thare is a Granite Hill this great hill is composed of granite Day Point in Big Continent has the most granute on the Cost Range Mountains thare is a lot of [row?] on Long Mts. Thare are vast beds of coal and at Happy City in Zeon thare is lots of charcoal made thare are a few gold and silver mines trapping in Long Mts. Is a great success for thare are dear bears bison wolves panthers lynx beavers

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Map of Big Continent

[illustration labeled with Black Archepeligo, Long Mts, furs, berrys, gold, coal, fruit, fish, fishermans, Briah Wood, Great Plains, grass, Happy City, Picnic City, silver, mahogany, Range City, granite, Point City, Cost Grange, Poplington, Nelsons City]

Questions from Map
What continent is this. What thre[e] republicks. What Great Plain in the center. What mt. in the west. In the east what minerels on Long Mts what minerels on Coast Range Mts. Whare are the most fisheries. The moste furs. What [MS. cuts off at bottom]

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The Capital of Big Continent
Whare is the moste coal. in Briar Wood on Long Mts. The moste fisheries. In Briah Wood on Fishermans Point. Whare is the moste granute. In Grassington on Bay Point.
All moste all of the granuite is got from Granute Hill.
Whare are the most furs on Long Mts and on Great Planes and on Cost Range Mts. The moste silver. In Poplington. What is the capital of Big Continent. Happy City. What is the capital of Grassington. [illustration captioned "Granute mineing."] Picnic City of Briah Wood. Nelsons City of Poplington Cost Range City
No 2
What Lake in Brush Wood Spectical Lake. In Poplington Nelson Lake Grand Lake Allen Lake. [illustration captioned "Coal mineing"]

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Map of Briah Wood

[illustration labeled with Three Cornered Lake, Great River, berrys, fruit, Long Mts, Grassington, Great Planes, Spectical Lake, Happy City, Cost Range Mts, light ship, light house, Great Bridge, Newfound Lake, fish, Fishermans Point, Great Cave, Nelson City, Point City]

Questions of Map
What republic is this. What fore lakes in this republic what republic beside of Briah [MS. faded] Briah Wood whare is moste of the fisheries what mountain in Briah for what is this selabated [celebrated?]. It is the highest in the would what bridge is Briah [MS. faded]

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For what is this celabrated. It is the largest in the world what cave on Nelson Mt how many light houses on the coast.

[illustration captioned "Great Cave"]

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Mt Nelson is the highest mountain in the world it is at the top of it no trees but [illustration captioned "Hunting bears"] all bare but covered with snow it is 35000 feet above the level of the sea at the foot is the greastest cave in the world thare are many bares on Mt Nelson

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Map of Grassington

[illustration labeled with Black Sea, Nelson River, Poplington, Poplington Indians, Long Mts, berrys, Brush Wood, furs, Peak Eathan, Mountain City, Allen Peak, gold, Maine RR, Picnic RR, Wood Station, Allen RR, Island Ocean RR, Red Leg, Picnic City, iron, Cost Range Mts, Range City, Fort, Granute Hill, light house, ship building, Island Ocean]

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Questions of map
What mts in the west of Grassington. on the eastern side of Grassington what Great Planes in the centre whare are moste of the furs how many citys in Grassington how many railroads whare is the Great Wood Station what is the capital whare is the shipbuilding mostly done whare is the moste granute. The moste iron, gold. What Great Hill in Grassington. What Indians in Grassington what peak in Grassington what oceans on each side

[illustration captioned "Map of Great Cave" features tight pass, Round Lake, Far Of Lake, Great Room, Little Pond, Shoe Alley]

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Great Cave is 1 mile and a half long from front to back Grand Lake is one half mile long fiftene rods wide great room is one quarter mile wide Far Of Lake and Round Lake is 1 quarter of a mile long Little Pond fiftene

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rods long 1 rod wide Shoe Alley is 14 rods long 2 rods wide

[illustration labeled with Black Ocean, Poplington, Long Mts, gold, Mt Frances, Nelson River, gold, Couple Lakes, Poplington Indians, Great Native Wall, maghoany, Island Ocean, Cost Range City, Grand Lake, Grassington]

Questions of Map
What great wall sout[h] of Long Mts what wood in Poplington what mt. on the east what lakes in Poplington what city what Indians what minerals in Poplington what cape on the south what country borders Poplington on the north what river in Poplington.

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For what is it noted. It is the largest in the world.

[illustration captioned "Vew of Great Native Wall"]

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The Great Wall is forty feet high and one hundred miles long is is [sic] susposed to have ben built by natives thare are four great peaks Mt Nelson in Briah Wood Mt Allen and Mt Eathan and Mt Frances Mt Eathan and Mt Allen is in Grassington on Long Mts Mt Frances in Poplington Mt Fraces is next to the highest Mt Nelson is the highest

[illustration captioned "Scene on Grand Lake"]

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Nelson River is the largest in the world Grand Lake is the prettiest but it is next to the largest gold and silver are the principall mineral the Poplington Indian is a great tribe in Poplington [illustration captioned "A Poplington Indian] of Indians Cost Range Mt is over half as big as big [sic] as Long Mts [illustration captioned "Mt Frances 28000] on Long Mts it is a great hunting ground for the whites Big Continent is 60 thousand miles long thare are the races the white race the the [sic] red

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Map of Long Continent
[illustration labeled with Sword Island, Rock Island, Dog Island, Heart Island, Island Ocean, furs, Brushwood, Billry Bay, Bay Island, Cape Little, Books, Hulkton, Sandy Hill, Little City, Little Lake, Escape River, Little Plains, hay, fruit, Ferndale, brackets, pictures, Rock Mt, Rock Bun, iron, Lake Willem, James Bay, Picnic Ground, Black Ocean]

Questions of map
How many countrys in Long Continent. Which is the largest. Name them. What lake in Rock Bun. What mt. what hill and lake in Hulkton what river. What city. For what is this notend [noted] it the capital of Long Continent
What mineral in Rock Bun what productions in Long Continent. What two bays on Long Continent.
What cape. What island east of Long Continent. What ocean east. West.

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Chief Thunder
Clouds Land
What river in Chief Thunder Clouds Land Nelson River. What are Grand Lake and Couple Lake. What mt. Mt Frances.
Battle Land
What mts in Battle and Cost Range Mts what noted place Battle of Poplington

[illustration captioned "scene on Billey Bay Long Continent"]

Rock Land
What river in Rock Land. Nelson River. What wood in Rock Land. Mahgoany.
Rock Land produces the moste mahogany.
South end
What great wall in south end. Native wall

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[illustration captioned "A Long Continent Indian"]
Long Continent is not near so civilized as Big Continent the principal occupat[i]ons are trapping hunting fishing farming write[in]g stories and paintings. Trapping and hunting is the principal ocupations.

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[illustration captioned "Some Long Continent trappers"]

The trappers when it is cold wares a sort of cape so they are [nowe?] moste every whare they gow [go] the trappers are a rough stout set while the Indians are slim William Little is six feet and 4 inches high has licked eight Indians at a time

[illustration captioned: "A Long Continent trapper"]

How many countrys in Long Continent. 4 name them. Rock Bun. Firndale. Huckton. Brush Wood. Which is the moste important. Hulkton. What things are got and manufactured in Firndale. Brackets wood and hay in Rock Bun. Iron in Hulkton furs. Pictures. Books. Hay

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In Brush Wood. Furs. Wood. What Bay in Hulkton Billey Bay. What lake. Little Lake. What hill. Sandy Hill. What river. Escape River. What great plac ein Rock Bun and a part of Firndale. Picnic Ground. What bay in Rock Bun. James Bay. What lake William Lake. What mt. Rock Mt. 16000 feet above the level of the sea.

[illustration captioned "Rock Mt 16000 feet"]
[illustration captioned "Battle of Poplington Big Continenters beat"]

Questions of map
What river in Alderton
What mineral what city for what is it celebrated. It is the capital what hill in Alderton what things are preduced [produced] in al[l] of [?] on in Cherry Dale What pt

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Map Round Continent

[illustration labeled with Black Ocean, [Rock Road?] Rish Island, fruit, furs, Green Hill, Hay Island, Fork river, Lead Alderton, Ash Mt., vegetables, books, Colony City, Potery Road, Crerry Dale, Belt Pt., Island Ocean]

What island south east. What ocean south. West. East

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To read
Round Continent is the same in furs and produces the moste dear skins [illustration captioned "A Round Continent Dear"] the Round and Long Continents are the best history and story righting in the world, and best artests Burt Green the great trapper has also licked eight Indians at a time

Colony City is a small city consisting of potrry makers farmers book wrighters and artists the Long Continenters are the best story and history wrighters in the world and best artists

[illustration captioned "No 1 single spring jumper for catching muskrats No. 2 double spring jumper for foxes"]

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Map of Alderton

[illustration labeled with Rock Land Island, Black Ocean, fruit, furs, Alderton, Green Hill, Picturest, Colony City, books, vegtables, Lead Fork River, Colony RR, Ash Mt, potery, Island Ocean]

Questions of map
What river in Alderton what mt. What hill. What city for what is this noted it is the capital what RR what ocean on the east on the west what island east

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No 3 figure fore deadfall for catching most any game
No 4 pitfall to catch bears wolves and such
No 5 snare and fence to capture rabbet and partriches No six box trap for cathing squirrels and weasels these traps are used in Long and Round Continent the Big Continenters have better and patented traps

[illustration captioned "Indians comeing to attack Round Continent ship The Snow Bird of which the whites beat"]

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Colony City is a small city settled by some of Clumfield men who them [ships?] got a stray and beached upon Round Continent Culmfield was the great explorer.

[illustration captioned "A Round Continent Indian"]

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Map of Cherrydale
[illustration labeled with Black Ocean, fruit, furs, Green Hill, Cherrydale, Colony City, hay, Hay Island, South Ocean, Belt Pt, Ash Mt, Island Ocean]

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[illustration covers two pages, labeled with fur, berries, gold, mahogany, silver, fruit, hay, furs, iron, nut, granite, manuran, pees, fish, vegtables, books, brackets, wood]

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Questions of map of Cherry Dale
What pt on the south. What island southeast. What ocean west. East west productions in Cherrydale what RR in Cherrydale

[illustration captioned "Eathan F Allen"]
[illustration captioned " Battle of Granite Hill"]

To read
The three stout men are Eathan Allen the president of Big C Bert Green the president of Round C. and William Little. The preseident of Long C. Eathan Allen will bight the heads off board nales [nails?]

Questions of map
What mineral in Bay Point. What prodcctions. What city. What hil. What fortress. What ocean south. What mts.

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[illustration labeled with Cost Range City, Bay Point, Picnic City, Allens Fort, granite, Granite Hill, wood, iron, ship building, Great Forest, baricade, Island Ocean]

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[MS. faded] Will take in this teath and fling over his head as many salt bags as the men can pass them two him he will take two or ten narly sized men and hold them out at arms lenght and whack them together so they will beg for merrcy Eathan Allen is eight feet and six inches so is William Little Burt Green is six feet 4 inches and [MS. faded] [Illustration labeled a Round and Long Continent flag].

Map of Rock Island

[illustration labeled with Fred Pt, Island Ocean, Warrington, Little Fred Mt, Small William, wood]

Questions of map
What village on Rock Island what hill what bay what point. What ocean surrounds it.

[illustrations captioned "Fred Warrington" and "Rock Island flag"]

To read
Fred Warrington is a mean ugly little man the president of Rock Island he is always fighting folks he is a weak [MS. faded]